Monday, December 17, 2012

Letters of Hope

“How you saved me”

Can’t think straight
What’s up, What’s down
Spiraling all around
thoughts twirling
Faith in my hate
Feeling bound
With all this sound
Louder & Louder
It never quiets down
Struggling to concentrate
as my faith evaporates
I'm lost
I’m lonely
Stuck like a scare crow to a post
Find me a heart
So I can be free….finally
All in my head
Feeling so cold
Shed a tear and feel again
My heart may grow 3 sizes this year
Hope I can bear the tears
Emotions run wild
Ambulance on dial
Help me I’m broken
As my heart stops
There’s one endless beep
Come back he says
As I awake
Angry and lost!
How could I fail???
Truth is….my heart never started again
You came to me like a dream
I started to feel
I’m learning to heal
The thoughts still twirl
living life in a whirl
My heart now beats
I can finally see
This life is for me.
Thank you HVRC.

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