Friday, February 25, 2011

One year of "a day at a time"

Below is a letter from a previous patient that has recently reached a year of sobriety:

I am so humble and grateful.

A time to pause and write my gratitude list for this past year, and living it TODAY.

-I thank God for giving me a moment of clarity to call a sober member of AA, Jim M., for TELLING me to go to Hemet Valley Recovery Center.

-I thank HVRC for being there and having the love and caring people there with an open door, and the willingness and knowledge to go the extra mile.

-I thank ALL the counselors for the love and tough love they gave me.

-I thank, Mark C. Mark, you were an example of the 2nd part of the Serenity prayer- "the courage to change the things you can." You brought me, along with God, to sanity. You were His instrument. You brought me on a path to discover the true root of my problem- a secret resentment.

-I thank Dr. Thu for his professionalism, dedication, and humanism! You listened with compassion, and treated me with respect and love.

-I thank Dr. Paul for listening to me, and hearing me. Our points of view are different, but we still met on common ground!

-I thank all the professional staff on the "medical" staff for the patience above and beyond human possibility at times. You are angels. From the nurses UP TO -the housekeeping staff and all between! You made me comfortable, not with meds, but with you soft, firm, tough caring you all provided day after day. I have a -threefold disease. The physical part was eased and nursed back to health with your help and direction.

-I thank my fellow alcoholics and addicts with me at any point of time. Without you all, I could not have started my recovery! I MISS YOU ALL!

-I thank Attitude of Gratitude group. While I was being dishonest, being without drink, but consuming "solid alcohol", you treated me as an alcoholic and not as an outcast. Without the fellowship of that 10 months, I WOULD HAVE gone over the edge to not return.

-I thank my sponsor, for being the exact person I need in my sobriety. There aren't enough words......

-I thank Alcoholics Anonymous for being there, and providing me with the steps to take to be a sober person in recovery on a daily basis.

-I thank my group, Washington Park. We are a conglomeration of drunks, who try to live sober on a daily basis by sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other, hmmmmm, exactly like the Big Book says.

-I thank the love of my life, my wife, Sharon, my kids, my sister, brothers, family and friends for giving me a chance to demonstrate on a daily basis that as long as I don't drink or drug, I am a good person, doing the right things a day at a time AND forgiving me when my imperfection REALLY shows. For my grandkids, that tell me they love me and call me Papa. My sister and brother-in-law, for living sober and have the wisdom and living with the truth that the only one who could change me, was God and myself. I know how hard it is to watch a train wreck happening from the "sidelines".

This list could be as huge as the gratitude is huge right now. Not material stuff. A healthy spirit, a clear mind, an unburdened body!

I want what you have and am willing to go to any lengths to get it, so I am willing to take certain steps.....One day at a time.

Thank God! Amen

Friday, February 4, 2011

It Works If You Work It!

The below letter was sent to one of our counselors regarding his new found sobriety. It is wonderful to hear from our previous patients!!

How are things going?? Nothing new to report on aa as we are just too isolated. I am continuing to work on things successfully as was proven to me last night. We have a crew on site doing performance testing and they may have damaged 5mill in equipment, I am performing inspections this morning. What I am most happy about is I lost it during the event fell hard into "old habits and actions". As i noticed myself getting madder and madder I just gave direction into what I wonted done at that point, went back to my office listened to some music and thought what a negative effect on life would result from doing what I felt like, drinking.... All the problems would still be their in the morning and I would have let this place allow me to fail in my life yet again. I will not allow this, I cant believe it really works if you let it. I would have never thought yesterday would have happened without drinking to make it better. I really do realize and know it is possible to face adversity with out Jack Daniels and I can think so much clearer today as a result.That was major for me... read another chapter, let it go, and move on... A really bad made better by thinking, instead of drinking... who would have thought... a year ago, 6 months ago, not me. Today I am a beleaver. I'll talk to you soon, I'm flying in on the 15th delayed a week.