Monday, June 28, 2010

From Our Talented Alumni

Our Alumni is always coming back to volunteer at our facility in the spirit of giving back.  One of our long term volunteers performed the following song that she wrote for one of our patients that was completing the program. 


If love comes in capsules,
Let's take them all
If peace is a promise
Can we keep it all?
Go your way but keep your head
Cause if we're in pieces
Let's be in love instead

Bleed in the light
Let it all go by
Cause all your favorite colors
Sing tonight

I never thought I'd see you again
I never thought I'd find
That I love you
That I love

Peace Paradise
Let it all go by
Cause all your favorite colors
Scream tonight...

Hold on my love - your joy has come - Hold on!"

Lisa H.

Thank you Lisa!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Previous Patient's Want Ad for a Higher Power

Our patient Jim K. wrote this moving Want Ad for a Higher Power.  Jim recently passed away in his sleep, sober.  At HVRC, we are very grateful to be able to have spent time with Jim.  He touched all of our hearts and we hope to think we had an impact on his...

"WANTED: Higher Power
Alcoholic Addict in early recovery seeks long term relationship with Higher Power.  Respondents should be flexible and willing to work with and eager but inexperienced Alcoholic Addict.  Work hours may be quite long initially and likely frustrating, as mistakes will likely be made.  But I am quite sincere and learn quickly from errors in judgment.  Responding candidates need not guarantee miracles and need not reveal identity, but must be willing to be available on short notice.  Salary negotiable, but payment to be in the form of good deeds for others.

Response to Ad Placed for Higher Power
Dear Sir,  This is to introduce myself.  I am a Higher Power, with many years of experience.  Unfortunately my current and past client lists are confidential.  If I accept your positions, it will be subject to your faith in me and your level of trust in the process of recovery.  If I am to be effective it will largely depend upon your continuous commitment to sobriety, your willingness to do the next right thing and to do whatever it takes to remain in recovery.  Additionally, you much subordinate your will to my will, to not act rashly or without forethought or without regard to consequence.  Your initial commitment should be considered by you to last for your lifetime.

Dear Higher Power,  This is to advise you that I wish to employ you and to agree to all terms outlined in your response to my ad.  I sense that you are already in place and on duty.  Welcome!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Letter of Sobreity

Our program director received this email from a past patient last week...
"Dear Sherry:
It's been a little over a year since I got sober with you and your team, after 30 years of heavy drinking.  I have stayed sober with the tools I was given.  I know that you know, as well as any "normie" can, that these stories don't always have a happy ending, so I just wanted to let you know that I am happy, one day at a time.  All those "promises" are coming true, just as . . . well, as promised.  Each day is an adventure as my clarity broadens.
So once again, thank you, and everyone on your team, for helping me out of that morass of shame, for the many, many things I received at HVRC (including The Gift of Addiction).  And, by the way, you may recall me telling you that I had been at another treatment center 2 years before, and felt driven out after 12 days.  People who tour that program have no idea how much better rehab can be at a caring place like HVRC.  You said, "You are just where you are supposed to be."  So true.
Jim H"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Letters of Gratitude....

The following is a letter that was sent to one of case managers...

"BB p. 64, How It Works
When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out mentally and physically.

Hi Marc,
NO WAY telling you how to facilitate and counsel.  On the other hand, by being as flexible as you and HVRC were in variating from "straight" alcohol abuse counseling, you saved my life, literally, and most likely, some other poor soul who would have come in contact with me at a "bad time."

I knew exactly that I am alcoholic and drug dependent when I came to HVRC.  My problem, as you and I know, was my "thinker" was broke and I was not willing, open, or honest enough, without help, to admit it and become a willing participant in my recovery again.

My pride and ego needed to be broke down so I could let out the pain I was trying to lock in and put away in a "brain compartment."

God stepped in with a chain of events that had been ongoing for months, that led me to HVRC and gave you to me as my counselor.  He gave you, in my small estimation, to me with your conviction to your chosen profession and your courage to confront me on my issues.

Please accept this as  "pat on the back" and again, thank you.

Your friend in recovery,